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Vorschule Porcupine Handwerk Wir lesen die Geschichte Ein Stachelschwein namens Fluffy machte unsere o …

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Porcupine Crafts im Vorschulalter Wir lesen die Geschichte Ein Porcupine namens Fluffy, das wir selbst gemacht haben, mit weißen Spaghetti und Perlen aus Spielteig!

Acne: Rambazole Can Be A Good Medication Against Acne In Future

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A study with Rambazole, a novel retinoic acid metabolism-blocking agent (RAMBA), determined that 94 per cent of subjects -with moderate-to-severe acne treated with 1 mg of oral Rambazole once daily for 12 consecutive weeks- experienced reduction in total acne lesion count of more than 50 per cent and 35 per cent were considered “cleared or almost cleared.

This study points to the production of this medication on future, since Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. reported positive Phase 2a data for its oral formulation of Rambazole (TM) in the treatment of moderate to severe acne and positive biological activity data for its topical formulation of this product.

Experts explain that a subject must have had more than 90 per cent reduction in total lesion count to be considered “cleared or almost cleared”. According to their report, inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions responded equally well to treatment. There were no serious effects related to the treatment with this new component. Only some patients of the group in study experienced dryness of skin and lips as non-serious side effects.

Geert Cauwenbergh, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. explained that “these positive Phase 2a results indicate that oral Rambazole is active in moderate to severe inflammatory acne, and that depending on the outcome of future, full scale clinical trials, this drug may one day fill the need for safe and effective oral treatments for moderate and severe acne. These results further build on our previously announced promising clinical data for oral Rambazole for psoriasis”.

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